The Humans of Ai

Danny Ma on Data Science Mentorship.

September 16, 2020

Danny Ma is an influencer in the Data Science and Machine Learning community. In this episode of the Humans of Ai, we deep dive into Danny’s passion and journey into the field of Data Science and technology.

Danny throws light on the current state of Data Science and Machine Learning and provides tips on how to improve yourself as a Data Scientist, the importance of working with and around data, along with the pros and cons of the Data Science field. 

We then talk about Danny’s passion for mentorship and the challenges of finding the right mentor fit. Towards the end of the episode, Danny shares his views on the future of technology and the NEXT BIG THING in the field of Data Science.


Find out more about Danny & his #DatawithDanny movement here:


Intro & Outro music by Simon Calcinai

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