The Humans of Ai

Sunil Mallya, on AWS Deepracer & Sagemaker RL

December 6, 2019

Sunil Mallya is the Principal Deep Learning Scientist at Amazon Web Services Machine Learning Lab & is one of the key people behind AWS Deepracer & Sagemaker RL.

In this episode we explore the rich interaction that Sunil has had with machine learning over the course of his career including talking about what drew him to the field, his experience as an early phase machine learning entrepreneur, his knowledge in building distributed machine learning systems and finally the two biggest projects Sunil has taken on recently - Sagemaker RL & AWS Deepracer!

We also discuss many other topics including what the machine learning scene is like in San Francisco, some real world applications of Reinforcement Learning & what it takes to be a part of the Amazon's ML Lab.

We hope you enjoy this extremely interesting episode of The Humans of Ai. See you in the podcast ;)

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